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Recommended Web Hosting for BeTheme

We trust Kinsta to host this website. They absolutely knock it out of the park and so we recommend them with out hesitation; they are absolutely awesome. Keep reading to understand why.

Finding great web hosting for your BeTheme powered WordPress website will keep your site secure, running fast, give a boost to your SEO, and ensure you’re not subjected to trivial technical headaches that plague so many who haven’t made a wise decision. While there is a minefield of online hosting review sites out there, we’re going to skip the comparisons and instead narrow our focus to arming you with everything you need to make an informed decision; especially for where to host your BeTheme website.

  • So, what’s the best web hosting for BeTheme?
  • And what do you need to keep in mind as you consider your options?

Here’s our approach to help you narrow down the options for which BeTheme hosting provider to rely on.

Separating the Good from the Cheap

When you sign up for cheap web hosting, you’ll inevitably get what you pay for. If you’re new to all of this and don’t have the experience under your belt to have formed your own opinions on the matter, then please take our word for it: Invest in a good hosting provider and you’ll be grateful you did.

Doing this sort of thing for a living, we get support requests all the time regarding problems that are a direct result of a bad web host. Security issues that could have been avoided, incompatibilities with a MySQL database versions, server memory limits, or PHP session time-outs… I’ve pulled my hair out far too many times trying play detective; only to discover that the root of the problem was the result of a rinky-dink hosting plan.

Browsing the BeTheme Forums and noting the number of times a user’s questions boils down to the hosting provider will give you an idea of the problem.

Because BeTheme is a powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme packed with an arsenal of tools for limitless customization, there is nothing “cute” or “little” about it. Which means it will require a platform that can support the power and versatility it provides. At the end of the day, cutting corners on your web hosting can cost you time and frustration in ways that aren’t obvious at first. If you’re on a shoestring budget and decide to go with a cheap shared hosting provider, then you’ll pay for it in frustrating headaches down the road.

What To Look For?

To ensure your website stays running like a well-oiled machine, our recommendation for BeTheme Hosting takes into account these critical factors that you should keep in mind as you consider your options.

  1. Speed

    The number one variable between hosting providers will be the speed of your website. If you cut costs by trying to be frugal with your monthly hosting plan, you and your website visitors may be groaning over a painfully slow website. Instead, we recommend that you look for a hosting service that has been optimized for WordPress, that includes built-in server-side caching, and possibly even a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to speed things up.

    The version of PHP installed on your hosting server will determine how fast your website runs as well. As of March 2017, PHP 5.6 is currently the recommended minimum version for WordPress and so assuming your hosting provider can handle WordPress, that’s what you’ll most likely get. However, BeTheme is PHP 7 compatible! Which means it has the potential of running 2-3x faster if you just pick the right hosting provider that is running the latest version of PHP.

  2. Security

    The reputation and popularity of WordPress have made it an industry leader. But just like any on-line software, website security is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Proactively keeping you and your visitors safe from exploits and malware is important especially because WordPress is the most popular platform by far; hands down. On the one hand, its popularity means it will always be the largest target. But WordPress undergoes more trial-by-fire scrutiny than any other competitor; which arguably makes it more secure in the long run.

    Nonetheless, it takes more than an extra security plugin to prevent the exploitation of your site. Hackers haven’t stopped coming up with ways of defeating and bypassing web security. It’s a million dollar puzzle to them, and when they find a virtual crack in the glass they smash it open and make off with your customers’ secure data, like card numbers and transaction histories.

    Find a WordPress hosting provider with 24/7 monitoring and you have someone ready and able to react when the first crack appears. An effective reaction based on the level of threat is waiting on the inside of your website, like a growling and barking guard dog.

    As long as WordPress is kept up to date and hosted with a proactive hosting provider who stays on top of security then, you have nothing to worry about. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

  3. Backups

    In the unfortunate event that things go wrong, having a website backup system in place is a critical safety net. The silly thing about WordPress backup plugins is that they have their own updates… and settings… and in this WordPress ecosystem, the last thing you want is for your safety net to be out of date or not connecting right.

    I’ve seen it first hand, a well-intentioned web developer sets up the backup system and then when an actual emergency is at hand, the add-on backup WordPress plugin has its own issues. Whether it’s a matter of remembering the password to the dropbox account or email address that was set up… or “oh-no! That email account is full! And the website hasn’t been backed up in months!” – rediculous. If you just install a backup plugin you have to find some place to store them that doesn’t run out of space… or you need to manually go in and delete the oldest ones after a while. Please don’t let yourself end up in this position.

    A built-in daily backup system, with automatic management of those backups, is critical! Make sure your hosting provider includes this as part of their hosting package.

  4. Support

    Shared web hosting from many of the big hosting providers is “hands-off” for the most part. Meaning, the ball is pretty much in your court to manage things like WordPress updates, security, or website backups. It’s important to understand that the priorities of a cheap hosting provider are to keep cost as low as possible. That means paying entry-level employees who may not have much WordPress experience to answer the phones. They may use less-expensive servers and cut costs elsewhere to offer that cheap hosting plan to you. Which is fine, but make sure to expect cheap service.

    On the other hand, we recommend finding a Managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of its customers. As web technology continues to change at an incredible pace, the need to actively maintain and update the software your website relies on is important. Having a great support team that ensures your website stays up to date, regularly backed up, fast, and secure is a wonderful thing. Don’t settle to save a few bucks. Invest wisely and you’ll be grateful down the road.

Best Web Hosting for BeTheme?

Kinsta is one of the biggest players in the managed WordPress hosting space and for good reason! They’re a great fit for BeTheme users looking to host their WordPress website on a secure and well-supported platform. They are not the most inexpensive service out there, but in our experience, no one else provides the level of performance and support that the team at Kinsta does. Not only is the speed, security, and daily backups well worth the investment, but Kinsta provides some incredibly powerful tools for WordPress that aren’t available otherwise; like their one-click staging area!

Do you want to make major changes to your BeTheme website, but don’t want your site visitors to witness your experimentation or edits on the live site? With one-click Kinsta copies your entire site to a new URL, creating a clone of your site so that you can mess with the anything you’d like, try new plugins, or break whatever you’d like. It’s a fantastic sandbox for testing or to experiment worry free. Then, once you’re done, push the staging site to live with one click as well; awesome.

Oh, and did we mention SSL Certificates are included for free?