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Optimizing BeTheme SEO for High Ranking Websites

Creating a website is often an exciting experience. Seeing your project go from idea to success is just icing on the cake. But growing the initial success and optimizing your BeTheme SEO can be tricky to pull off.

Developers want to put their website in front of as many relevant viewers as possible. One of the best ways to go about this is to ensure your website is ranked as high as possible for your focus keywords with all the popular search engines.

We not only want people to find us when they search online, but we also want to be one of the first options they see. So naturally, you’ve got to take action! But how do you make sure your website is optimized correctly to rank high enough for them to see?

This requires the use of an online marketing practice known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). No theme is better equipped for SEO than BeTheme. In this article, we’ll be looking at several prominent SEO practices and how to apply them easily with BeTheme.

Quick Review – What Is SEO?

If you want your website to rank highly, you’ll need to take full advantage of SEO—or Search Engine Optimization.

The term refers to the entire search engine optimization process for keyword research to optimize meta tags. Proper SEO will encompass many different aspects of web design—and BeTheme is more than equipped to step up to the plate.

Search engines scan through millions of websites every day, each of them using its own criteria to rank them in a specific order. Website owners must be diligent to maintain their websites within these changing SEO standards.

There are many components to take into consideration. The process of optimizing these various components with the intent of ranking highly in search engine results is known as SEO.

Monitor Keyword Density

One of the first words you’ll notice when researching SEO is “keyword”. Keywords make it possible for the right users to find your content. These words are often predetermined based on research and intentionally placed throughout a given website.

Finding the proper ratio of keywords to use within your content can sometimes be a challenge. A lack of proper keywords will yield poor search results. Too many keywords can result in what’s known as keyword stuffing—hindering the ability to move up in search results.

BeTheme is compatible with several WordPress SEO tools designed to address this very concern. Tools like All-In-One SEO and Yoast were specifically created to monitor keyword density.

These applications provide real-time analysis to ensure your content is always optimized with the best ratio of keywords.

Content Formatting

Creating a post with ideal keyword density isn’t enough to ensure a high rank. Each post will need to be formatted with specific SEO techniques in mind. Search engines use many rules when sorting what they deem to be quality content—one of these rules is the proper use of titles and headers.

Search engines, like Google, take preference for pages that use H1 and H2 tags properly and consistently throughout your content. Failure to use H1 tags can even result in penalties that reduce the overall search engine rank. To avoid this issue, you’ll need the ability to customize your headers quickly and effectively.

BeTheme is packaged with a multitude of resources for developers and content writers alike. Header tags are often applied using simple text editors. However, BeTheme allows creators to adjust these tags using a visual editor.

Whether you’re creating complex articles or simple blog posts, BeTheme ensures you have the control you need as a creator over your content formatting.

Social Media Backlinks

One of the best ways to achieve a high search engine rank is by using backlinks. Search engines appreciate traffic spread via social media.

When other websites and social platforms share your links, it reinforces the legitimacy of your website and its value for new potential users. Encouraging the creation and promotion of backlinks is often imperative for high-ranking results.

BeTheme is designed with modern creators in mind. When it comes to connecting through social media, you can expect a wide variety of options. There are built-in functions to encourage your users to share your content on social media.

But it’s also compatible with a variety of third-party plugins. These plugins encourage visitors to share your content on various social platforms. BeTheme makes backlink management so easy, it almost feels like an afterthought.

Customizing Metadata

Your SEO plan will also need to address metadata.

Website code is full of descriptive tags and bits of information that help search engines categorize the content. This meta information is crucial for a high search engine rank. Search engines rely on this information to build an accurate record of your content.

Images, blog posts, and more have different levels of metadata. When this data is properly optimized, it helps put your website in front of the most relevant audience.

BeTheme is completely compatible with leading SEO management plugins, including All In One SEO and Yoast. These plugins allow incredible depth for serious and new developers to optimize their metadata with the best information.

Metadata should be regulated for consistency and applied throughout the entire website. This effort helps search engines create an accurate identity of your content, making it much easier for new visitors to find you.

Does Yoast SEO optimize the Muffin Builder content in BeTheme?

The drag-and-drop Muffin Builder that comes packaged with BeTheme makes page layout and content formatting painless. But does Google recognize your content when using the Yoast SEO plugin? Absolutely.

Whatever you publish using the Muffin Builder is still indexed and ranked by Google regardless. But to use Yoast SEO to optimize that content further, use the Builder >> SEO function to further leverage the built-in Yoast optimization tools.

  1. Select “Hide Content” in the page options below
  2. Now you use and save your Muffin Builder content.
  3. Make sure to save/publish/update your page
  4. Then click Builder >> SEO (to copy the new content) into the native WordPress content area
  5. Now save/publish/update your page again to use Yoast SEO.

That will make your Muffin Builder content available to the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize. Best of luck!

Optimizing With BeTheme

When managing a website, it’s necessary to put it in front of as many relevant people as we can. SEO is a crucial component to that journey. Treating it as an afterthought will only stifle the growth of your website—or in worst cases, reduce it entirely.

It’s imperative to choose a theme that gives you the most leverage possible to control your SEO. From keyword density to meta descriptions, BeTheme is hands down one of the easiest themes to work with. It offers built-in optimization alongside third-party compatibility. BeTheme is one of the most flexible WordPress themes for developers with SEO in mind.

Rid yourself of the limitations that come with poor search engine ranks. Work with one of the largest, most reliable themes available on WordPress today. It’s time to give your website the attention it deserves.